The very simplest and most often overlooked security measure in every home, business or industrial site, is the door lock. Good security is not just a fancy camera and an internet feed. It is solid layers that challenge even the most skilled thief. To Alarm North the system you are looking for starts at the doors, windows, and ends with your peace of mind. We can provide you with some of the best locks in the business.


Provide your family with the ultimate in protection by having your locks re-keyed & deadbolts professionally installed.

What is rekeying? A locksmith simply removes your existing locks and disassembles the lock cylinder and discards the pins. New pins are then installed that match the new key. The lock is then reinstalled with a guarantee that the old key will no longer work.


Increase the security of your home by having deadbolts professionally installed by a Sudbury Locksmith. We only install stronger UL listed bolts and latches.


Alarm North’s mobile rekeying service is the answer. Rekeying your existing locks by a Sudbury Locksmith is an economical alternative to having them replaced. In many instances, all the locks can be keyed alike to operate on one key.

Leave behind that mess of keys and increase security at the same time. Our service also includes testing each lock for proper operation, Installation and strike plate alignment.

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