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  • Intrusion monitoring
    A intrusion not only means the theft of your belongings but an invasion of your privacy. Even if they are insured, nothing can replace their sentimental value. An intrusion also leaves a sense of violation.
    Our state-of-the-art monitoring centres keep an eye on your location 24/7 and are ready to respond when an alarm occurs.
    The intrusion monitoring service is included in all our packages.

  • Fire monitoring
    Help protect your family home or business from fire and smoke! Even if you have smoke detectors, who will call the fire department when you are out? And since smoke is toxic, what will happen if you are there but sound asleep?
    Choose our fire monitoring service! Our monitoring centres can call the appropriate emergency services when you are away from home or are unable to answer.
    The fire monitoring service is included in all our packages.

  • Emergency services
    Request assistance from emergency services directly using your keypad or optional wireless emergency button! Better yet, this service is FREE with the intrusion monitoring!

  • Flooding monitoring
    Be notified of flood risks to help reduce or prevent damage caused by water! An appliance that stops working, a pipe that is frozen or punctured, or a damaged sump pump: you’re protected!

  • Carbon monoxide monitoring
    Protect yourself and your loved ones against carbon monoxide.
    Odourless and colourless, this gas is impossible to detect.
    Our detectors help protect you by alerting you to the presence of this dangerous gas and immediately notifying our monitoring centres.

  • Monitoring of extreme temperature fluctuations
    Help be informed of abnormal temperature fluctuations and will help prevent pipes damage caused by frost! This will let you prevent frozen pipes from bursting, which can often happen if your home’s central heating system breaks down.

Everything comes with a plan.

  • Onsite Review
    Our team knows what you need, we will inspect every corner of your home, business or industrial location.

  • 10 Years in the Know
    Maximizing on what we have learned, we will review all possibilities to customize a solution to you.

  • Excellent Team
    Our certified techs will take your plan and install.

  • Your Turn
    We make sure you know how your system works.

  • Residential/Business/Industrial
    Whatever your investment in time or love, we will help you be safer.

Our systems come with a 3 year warranty and we maintain and repair most makes and models of security systems & cameras.

Security System
Security System

Think Safety: Smart Control

Don’t be stuck taking a reactive approach after something has gone wrong at your home. Instead, have Alarm North help you design and assemble the most ideal alarm system for your unique security needs to prevent anything from ever going awry at your home.

With your interactive alarm system, you can check in anytime, arm or disarm your system remotely, and receive notifications—from anywhere. You can also check on other connected devices including lights, locks, thermostats, and garage doors.Nothing will make you feel as safe as having a home alarm system that is professionally monitored 24/7.

Mobile Smart Systems


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